Bloodstone Clan
   Sartar - Cincina Tribe 

Clan Ring
The clan currently holds a Lightbringers Ring due to the success of the 1616 Sacred Time rituals.  That may change now.

Orlanth the Chief
Thane Krallor Stormlord (Krallorstead)

Issaries the Guide
Carl Essal Goldenthumb (Collyrstead)

Lhankor Mhy the Sage
Hamlin Fourbeards (Oldstonestead)

Chalana Arroy the Healer
Myrra Peacegiver (Daisystead)

Eurmal the Thief
Obinda the Trickster (Onylstead)

Flesh Man
Carl Trallor Biglegs (Trallorstead)

Ginna Jar is represented by the heads of all the households.