Manchester Center, Vermont - 1,622 miles down and 546 miles to go

In a good rain, a trail that has dug deeply into the forest floor will turn into a stream, further eroding the path. Walking in the water is messy, but walking around it means more erosion.
Hikin' and laughin'.
Watching the sun set from the viewing platform on top of Bromley Mtn.
Eating at the Ski Lodge on Bromley Mtn. Even though it was closed outside of Ski season, the ski lift operator opened it up for us and even sent a cooler down on the lift to be returned full of water since there was no spring or plumbing.  Thanks, man!
Meeting at Happy Hill Cabin.  Squirrelfight's brother Jason is here with Kaptain Krummholz and Jones.

Chapter 12
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