232 miles across Pennsylvania to Delaware Water Gap - 1,265 miles down and 903 miles to go

The Mason-Dixon line is supposed to seperate North and South.  Strangely the first Birch tree I saw was only a few feet from there.
You don't realize how much the trees are keeping the heat off of you until you come to a wide, open field in the middle of Summer.
I don't know why there are two tiny shelters at Birch Run.  I'm not sure I want to know.
Love the bridges.
Here is an example of the Pennsylvania rocks when they were pretty mild and you wondered what all the complaining was about.
Here's what all the complaining is about.
This is much earlier when Jones was working on Squirrelfight's blistered soles. I include it here because these were the kinds of images running through my head when I missed the Vikings.
Leapfrog on some ridiculous rocky terrain during one of their thirty mile days. These slanted rocks went on for so long that I had to hike backwards every now and then so that my ankles wouldn't stay crooked.
The Viking Hero
Thursday night feast behind the church in Delaware Water Gap. Smooth is front right, with Jones just above him.  On the left you can see Screaming Coyote looking away from the table though I didn't meet him until later.

Chapter 9
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