Hightop Hut, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia - 873 miles down and 1,293 miles to go

Jokers going over and Jones going around an impressive blowdown.
Me and Squirrelfight nearing Harper's Ferry and approaching the halfway point.
The Anvil is actually a beautiful AT landmark farther south in Virginia.  I put it here only because this chapter was more about enjoying our surroundings than some of the earlier chapters.
Wayah looking out over the Shennandoah's and Skyline drive on Squirrelfight's birthday.
Climbing over a barbed wire fence into a cow pasture southern Virginia.  Jones is in the background laughing at the way I did it.  I can't recall anymore why he was so amused.
Deer in the Shennandoah are never hunted and have no predators so they're a bit dim witted and un-afraid of humans.
A pipe-augmented spring. The tourists wanting to take a picture of one was wierd. It's ok when Squirrelfight does it.

Chapter 8
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