Hitching Back to Damascus, Virginia from Daleville - 704 miles down and 1,464 miles to go

McAffee Knob is one of the most scenic places on the AT and one of the best photo ops since you can get along side the precipitous drop-off.  The fog that day made it far less scenic, but still an awesome photo.
This sign-eating tree is famous in AT photos.  You can tell what year a hiker came through by how much the tree has devoured the sign.
The Viking Camp at Trail Days before it got crowded.
The fire that never went out (until the flash flood).
This photo was taken much later, but it's a great shot of how our camp generally looked.  My tent is the lighter Walrus and Squirrel's is facing it. Things are drying, cooking, and sorting everywhere, but in the morning we'd take pains to be sure no one could tell we were there.  Boot prints and dry spots where the tents were was all that was left.
The hiker parade at Trail Days included hikers from many years past along with the hikers from that year.
Me and Brooke right before I got on the bus to leave.

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