National Rangers Association Headquarters, Virginia - 514 miles down and 1,654 miles to go

This freezing rain and snow came in so fast that the wind patterns were clearly visible in the morning.
A very chilly break with Cain the day before he left the trail.  This was the shelter where I discovered mixing Schnapps and Hot chocolate.
Pioneer pose.
I have a weakness for wooden foot bridges.  When done correctly they only gently augment a beautiful landscape instead of creating a deep scar across them.  At the same time they are almost useless to a long distance hiker since dipping down and crossing a stream is not a big deal.  At that point they become more an interactive work of art, and I love them.
A great photo of Jones enjoying a view and waiting for us to catch up.
When trail crews clear blowdowns, they'll sometimes decorate the remaining wood.  The AT symbol is pretty easy to make with a chainsaw.

Chapter 6
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