Apple House Shelter, Tennessee - 381 miles down and 1,787 miles to go

Once we started hiking together, the Vikings really took time out to enjoy the scenery.  We would spend hours at natural wonders like this.
Cows seem dirty when I'm clean, but when I'm hiking, they just seem serene.  They didn't get skitish about us the way a cow would if I approached it now.  I'm assuming it's the difference in smell.
This is Apple House Shelter. The Brits (Greylag and Optimist) are seated in the entrance having a proper boiled egg out of their boiled egg holders. Tall Grass Prarie looks on. Soon we would begin an epic game of ducttapeball.
This is when we found out Jones was only four feet tall.
I love this photo of the trail. The southern mix of conifers and rhododendron had a special feel to it that vanished as we moved north.  With spring came a multitude of competing broadleaf trees with their individual smells, and the rhododendrons began to disappear, to be replaced by birch in the north.

Chapter 5
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