Hot Springs, North Carolina - 270 miles down and 1898 miles to go

Aces perched on the Smokies.  This is shortly before he and Fly got ahead of Squirrelfight and caught up with me.
This is farther down the trail, but on of the few times when Jones and I would sit and talk alone.  Whenever we did this it always brought back my memory of the afternoon we met in the music room and shared a long, quiet connection.
Joker's Wild doing his old man impression.  He seemed old to me then.  He'd seem young to me now.
Fly and Aces outside a post office going through their mail drop.
This is the first night we camped together, just after leaving Hot Springs.  Squirrelfight set up his camera with a long exposure and then ran and jumped in to the picture.

Chapter 4
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