Wayah Bald, North Carolina - 117 miles down and 2051 miles to go
These photos are Squirrelfight's as he came up behind me through Georgia and North Carolina.  Until we met, I didn't appear in his photos, but you can see the barren landscape that the first chapter takes place in.  This photo always reminds me of that morning I woke by Wine Spring and headed out over Wayah Bald.
The trees all through Georgia and North Carolina were still the sleepy gray of winter. There was a sedation to them that was contrary to the excited energy of a new adventure, but did stimulate some long days of introspection.
This is the only decent photo that I took with my disposable camera, but it's of the view off of the tower on Wayah Bald just as I packed up my things to head on.

Chapter 2
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